Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A little girl within

This morning during my first ever maternity shoot, Jacob gave me about 30 seconds of his time (after I bribed him with a purple lollipop). He was so sweet and so gorgeous that I can't WAIT to get more photos of JUST him! And maybe even Jacob with his new baby sister!! He's going to be so loving, I can just tell!


  1. Oohhhhh, my favorite photo's!! These are truly beautiful, and I am lucky to have you close by to capture these precious moments:) I cannot wait for you to photograph baby sister this summer!!! Yay!! Love your new blog!!

  2. i thought it was a black lollipop....? ;)
    also, i'm so glad to see this pic of him hugging his new baby sister - i was in the other room when you asked him to do that, desperately wishing i was watching it happen.